Sunday, July 6, 2008

Strawberry Castle

Braeden wanted to submit his recipe to the family blog for his special Rice Krispy Yogurt Parfait.


My name is Braeden. You should try this recipe out because it's really good. Really you should try it.

This is how you make it.

Put Rice Krispy's in a bowl, "oh, actually mom it's not rice krispy's it's krispy rice" (yeah, I'm too cheap to buy the name brand, thanks for that Braeden). "and actually it's with a 'C mom." "C-r-i-s-p-y".

and then you put some "I need to think" "Heyyyy *giggles*" as he reads what I am typing. Ok, you put Sunrise Strawberry Yogurt "what is it called mom? I told you not to write that". "Did you spell write wrong? *giggles*"

Then you put MORE Rice Crispy's "I don't care if it's Rice Crispy's or Crispy Rice." "Y
ou're making this funny....I want you to write what I just said."

You put yogurt again and more yogurt. Make sure it's a swirl please. Then top it off with a Strawberry.

From Braeden


aubrie said...

Yum-o. :) That looks mighty tasty, Braeden. You will have to make it for us sometime! Love you, kid.

macbezz said...

That child is crazy.

DaCheet said...

Mmm... sounds about right for a poor college student who doesn't know how to cook. I think I might actually try it. Thanks Braeden :)

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