Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Essentials: Cilantro

It's always important to have the right things set up before you start cooking. To get your mis en place (or meez) ready. Having all the ingredients cut, measured, or prepared can make things much quicker and easier. There are a few items that are important for every meal. Things like salt, pepper, oil, herbs and other spices. It's just plain important to have them. One of these things that's a vital piece, at least of my meez when I'm cooking is fresh cilantro. I think that it can make almost anything tastier, either when used as a garnish, or incorporated into a recipe. Either as whole leaves, or minced. And NOT THE DRY STUFF. There's no point to buying dried cilantro. The fresh kind is cheap, and much, much, much better. So try it out. Next time you're making something, throw a little cilantro on there. Even if it's just something as simple as Ramen noodles. It'll be mighty tasty.

1 comment:

aubrie said...

I do love me some cilantro. I made myself a tuna-pita-melt yesterday with cilantro on top. It was spectacular!

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