Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Essentials: Tapatío

I know that Aubrie keeps calling this a recipe blog, but I like to see it as more of a general food blog. That's probably partly because I'm not so big on writing recipes down. I just wing it. But here's a feature that I'm going to introduce, I'm calling it The Essentials. It's basically the things having to do with food and cooking that I think are absolutely essential.


I'm very big into hot sauce. I put it on everything. And really I mean everything (try it on pancakes sometime). Generally I keep somewhere between 3-6 kinds in the fridge (4 at the moment). These range from from mango flavor to one that includes lime juice. Mexican style, Chinese, Indian, all different kinds. But by far my favorite is Tapatío. It's a Mexican style hot sauce that has one important difference from many others. It's not vinegar based. That's why it's my favorite. The lack of vinegar taste makes it possible to put large quantities on or in food without overwhelming the flavor with vinegar. I highly recommend it. If you only have one kind of hot sauce, it should be Tapatío.

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aubrie said...

Good call, Matt. This should be more of a food blog, not just a recipe blog. I'm looking forward to learning more about what you think the essentials are (even if I don't necessarily agree). Yay for Tapatio!

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