Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner Club?

Hey Guys!

This isn't a recipe, just something I wanted to find out. I know we have talked about the dinner club thing a lot and I wanted to know if it is just me who is really interested in it or if you guys really are. It doesn't hurt my feelings either way, I just want to know for sure. If we each took 1 day per week who would want to do it? I am interested in doing variations on any type of food to make it more healthy. It wouldn't be cooking for too many (probably only 7 or 8 for your turn) and then on your day you would also drive and drop the food off to everyone (this would take a while because we are spread out), but I think it would be fun to see everyone too.

Obviously I am considering moving w/in the next 6 months and would like to be closer to family. If we did do the dinner club and each person cooked 1xper week how far would you be willing to drive that 1x per week and still have it be worth it to you? Is South Jordan too far?

Leave a comment to let me know your level of interest and how far you might be willing to drive because this does affect where I might live. Thanks guys!


aubrie said...

I'm definitely interested in it. My concerns are these:
1. I don't get home until 6:00, so by the time I get dinner ready and dropped off at everyone's houses it would be 9:00.
2. With the parents & Matt on the diet, I'm worried about cooking what they can eat. Maybe if we all went on the diet (heck, that would be good for me & Corey) it would be do-able.

One idea would be to instead get together once a week and each bring all the ingredients for a meal. So if I was going to make fajitas for my meal, I could chop up all the veggies, cook and slice the chicken, and get the tortillas, cheese, etc. Then we could exchange the meals that one day and cook them at home during the week. Just an idea.

I love the idea, though. We should definitely discuss it more.

macbezz said...

I kind of worry about the same thing as Aubrie. That since we're on the diet it'd be difficult. Plus with my work schedule I'm not home until after 10 five days a week. Could be an issue. I dunno. I'm willing to try though.

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