Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kitchen Mishaps

I know, I know. This is not a recipe, and I haven't posted one in over a week. I'll get on that ASAP. But first, I thought I would share a couple of funny kitchen mishaps. No matter how many times I've been in the kitchen and how many meals I've made I still seem to have too many kitchen mishaps. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • When we were first married, I was craving (and I do mean craving) brownies. Not just any brownies, Pillsbury chocolate chunk brownies. We drove to the store late that night and came home to make them. They're about as easy as cooking can get: just add water, oil, and eggs and bake. Fool proof, right? Wrong! I forgot the egg! Ever wanted to know what happens when you forget the egg? The brownies were boiling in the oven when I went to get them out. And after they cooled they were rock hard. Yet Corey still wanted to try them afterward, so he chiseled a piece off and ate it. Not surprisingly, he said it was pretty disgusting.
  • My freshman year in college I decided I would make a nice dinner for my roommates and some friends. I made egg rolls, chicken, rice, sweet & sour sauce, and stir fry. Everything was cooked and ready to go except the stir fry, which just would not cook! I had been cooking it for at least a half hour and it was finally starting to thaw a little bit, but that was it. Not getting hot at all. I put a baking pan over the top (I didn't have a lid big enough) to try and steam it a little bit, but still no luck. Finally I realized that I had turned on the wrong burner...once I turned on the right burner the stir fry cooked amazingly fast. Go figure.
  • Last night I made Danish bread twists to take to work. I finished making them and had just sliced them up and put them on a platter. I left a couple of pieces on the cutting board to save for Corey, then went to wash the cutting board...without remembering to take the bread twists off. Luckily I realized what I was doing before they were all soaking wet. I managed to only get one of them slightly damp...that's pretty good in my book.
  • And as an honorable mention, here is one from sophomore year in college Corey and I were making brownies to take to dinner at his brother and sister-in-law's place...only the second time I had ever met anyone in his family. Corey tried to open the brownie mix without scissors...and the mix promptly exploded over the entire kitchen. It was everywhere. We were finding brownie mix on everything for weeks.

Although these things are frustrating when they happen (especially since I'm OCD and want everything to be perfect when I'm cooking), they're a good reminder to me that it's ok when things go wrong. And, as an added bonus, they make for great stories afterward.

So what are some funny mishaps you've had in the kitchen? Go on. Spill. I know you've had them and I could certainly use a good laugh today!

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Val said...

HA! This made my day. I'm glad someone as talented as you has mishaps in the kitchen too :)

That cracks me up about turning on the wrong burner, classic!

I guess my favorite kitchen mishap tale is the time I was getting bread out of the oven and was too lazy to get the hotpads out, so attempted to remove with a towel, which quickly caught fire and started a nice little blaze in the kitchen.

Enjoying the blog, Aubrie. You're a genius in the kitchen.

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